Bloyst's Style Wisdom #21

 Style wisdom and motivation brought to you via my favourite neon signs from around the world of fashion


Today is our birthday !

Today is Bloyst 1 year anniversary! Yes it's our birthday.

 OMG Bloyst is one year old today! I can hardly contain myself. Yes I have been partying all weekend and the party still continues today! I wanted to say a massive thank you to all the incredible people who have contributed or/and have supported Bloyst in its first crazy year. It hasn't been easy but it has been a worthwhile journey. I am looking forward to Bloyst's amazing future and its growing success globally. Once again thank you all. xxx
Beatrice xx
Founder and Creative Director 

Style Confidential - Ena Kitamura of

Tokyo fashion week is in full swing at the moment, so it seems fitting to start this year's Style Confidential Series with the fabulous Ena Kitamura. Chief Editor of the Japanese Online Magazine Retoys and an amazing Photographer. Ena is fast becoming one of Japan’s rising fashion icons. Her eclectic perspective on style and the way she documents Japanese fashion is second to none. She does give an exciting insight to the world of Japanese fashion and its burst on the the fashion circuit. Ena has been busy at Tokyo fashion week, but I was able to catch up with her earlier this year to find out a little bit about her and have a look at her personal style.

You can follow  Ena and her style journeys on Instagram @enaphoto

What do you do?

Editor-in-chief of online fashion magazine and a photographer


Ena Kitatmura

How would you describe your style?

Mode Casual

Who is your style icon?

Kate Moss

Heels or flats shoes?

flat shoes

Boot cuts or straight cut jeans?

I have a lot straight cut jeans but now I often wear wide pants.

What can’t you leave home without?

Wallet, cell-phone and lipstick

Red or nude lips?

I put red on when I want to make my face more alive or to raise my spirits.

I wear nudes on my day off.

Follow Ena's work at Retoys.Net or follow her great instagram feed @Enaphoto

Bloyst is out for Fashion Month

Hey Style troopers, It has been awhile since I've checked in but I have been super busy through January and now fashion month has kicked off (whoop whoop). The Bloyst style team are out and about in all the fashion capital looking forward to covering the best looks and street styles. So will be away for awhile but do check us out on Instagram and Twitter to see what we get up. 

PS: Happy Valentine's Day xxxxxxx

London College Fashion MA17 Menswear Catwalk Show

Event: London Men's Collection, London College of Fashion Menswear MA17 Show                              

Date: Friday 6th January 2017

Nine Designers: Soo Jin Cho, Jooin Yang, Wentao Shi, Tak Lee, Peng Tai, Shu Yao, Zhenhao Guo, Chang Zhang and Changxi Shao

Timescale: 15 months of hard work and dedication, guided by one of the best fashion colleges in the world  and mentored by industry stars.

Photography: Rogers Dean

Makeup: Claire Mulleady and MAC Pro Team

Hair: Louis Bryne.


Style Confidential - Anastasia Komarova of Forms Studio

Hi Style Setters today Style Confidential features designer Anastasia Komarova of the stunning leather accessories label - FORMS Studio. Anastasia a renowned architect founded the brand in Moscow in 2011 but now resides in New York. She used her design eye to create a range of timeless modern accessories which encapsulates her infinite for architectural surfaces, her imaginative approach to perspective and love of conceptual forms. These unique handcrafted leather accessories are made in Spain with the Swiss fitting. Each accessory resembles a miniature tactile pieces of art and a truly unique buy.  Check out the latest Transformers collections at  . The Transformers collection was shot by the amazing photographer Turkina Faso and you can check her work out at

First find out a little more on Anastasia below and don't forget to get social with her  on Instagram @formsstudio

What do you do ?

I design bags inspired by architecture, draw paintings and installations and time to time do architecture for spaces.

Photo by Turkina Faso -

Photo by Turkina Faso -

How would you describe your style ?

I don't have a particular name for it. I love structural cloth and geometric patterns.

Who is your style icon and why?

Rei Kawakubo. Her rebellion spirit and perception of women silhouette inspires me .

Why is personal style more important than the  latest trend?

Personal style stays with you longer and contributes in a good way to your identity.

Heels or flats and why?

Flats - I live in NYC

Who or what inspires you?

Brave people.

What can’t you leave you home without?

My bag.

Straight cut jeans or bootcut and why?

Neither. I only wear dresses.

Red or nude lips and why?

Nude for me - I don't put colour on. Red for others. I love women with classic red lipstick  


Designer herself Anastasia Komarova   

Designer herself Anastasia Komarova 





Blosyt's Style Focus : Make Up Artistry by Pat Mcgrath

I take inspiration from everywhere and today style notes is dedicated to an inspiring woman who creates amazing looks for all of the world’s greatest designers. Pat McGrath in my opinion is one of the world most visionary make-up artist. I would love to feature her on Bloyst's Style Confidential. Until then here are some of her amazing work.